Web Design & Development For Businesses in New Jersey

We Design & Develop Websites That Generate Leads For Your Business.

We know that a beautiful, modern and custom design on your website is important for both, your brand and lead generation.

But if your goal is to have the phones ring more frequent, and get inquiry requests from your website more often, then you need to think beyond design. Your business needs a website with content that positions you like the expert that you are in your niche.

Your new website needs to have the kind of content that your audience is actively looking to consume.

Website Design With SEO Top of Mind

All our website projects are executed with SEO in mind. Yours will be too!

Let us transform your website into a revenue-generating machine for your business.

Why Do 99% of New Business Websites FAIL?

The business owner searches for a “designer” when they should really be searching for is a Digital Marketing Agency or professional who is an expert in SEO and other search marketing components that can truly transform your website into a revenue-generating machine for your business.

Often times the chosen designer ends up being a referral from a friend who may be an amazing designer but until sitting down and discussing things such as:

  • What YOUR marketing goals are.
  • What you hope your website helps you accomplish.

and most importantly…

researching to find out what content your audience consumes, you’ll end up with nothing more than a pretty website lost, somewhere.

Most web design projects fail due to the absence of a marketing or business plan for the business.

Once that business plan is in place, and certain questions have been answered regarding who your target audience is then keyword research should be the next step!

Save the agony that comes along with making this common mistake, even the very savvy business owners make!

The common BIG Small Business Marketing Mistake…

When small business owners reach out to us for help with their new or existing website project we witness the same mistake repeatedly.

In the web design industry, looks can be deceiving. Business owners make the mistake of shopping for style and pricing alone, they think they can pay someone $2000 – $4000 to put up a brochure-style website that looks very “pretty” to later find out that the “pretty” website is not set to be search engine friendly.

Don’t let this happen to you!

What Goal Do You Hope To Accomplish With A New Website For Your Business?

At L.A. Marketing & Web Presence Consulting, LLC we don’t just design a website because you tell us “I want a website for my business”.

We Go The Extra Mile…

  1. We make sure you are set up in Google Analytics. If you can’t track it you can’t improve on it. From acquisition channels, user behavior, visitor demographics and other data that will certainly help you make smarter and way more cost effective marketing decisions in the near future.
  2. Set you up on Google Console. Look out for important messages regarding the health and guideline compliance of your website directly from Google and get insights on how users are currently finding your website.

As part of our process one of the questions we ask our prospects is:
What goals do they hope to accomplish with their new website?

Most times prospects begin to tell us about all the bells and whistles they’d like, never acknowledging the real goals they hope to accomplish with a website in the first place until we uncover the real needs by asking qualifying questions like:

“The Different Ways Your Website Can Help You Grow Your Business?”

  1. A Website Can be Used as a Sales Tool To Aide Your Sales Reps On The Field With Before and After Project Pictures.
  2. Reduces the amount of customer service calls, because most FAQ will be answered right on your website.
  3. The opportunity to reach an audience impossible to reach without a web presence.
  4. Your website is a 24-hour sales representative that can educate and sell your product or service to unlimited multiple people simultaneously.
  5. Create a customer database to market to in the future.
  6. Busy phones and e-mail inboxes with requests for estimates and consultations

Whether you feel you’ve been burnt by your web designer in the past and finally, you are ready to turn your existing website into an automated lead generation machine or, you are just now getting your business’s online presence started we have the experience with proven results.


  1. You want your company’s website to show on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people search for your products and services on the internet.
  2. You would like to receive requests for estimates from qualified prospects via e-mail and phone.
  3. In the past, you’ve advertised with companies like Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, Angie’s List but had no success, you feel like you’ve wasted your money and that the internet “doesn’t work”.
  4. You wonder why the “other guys”, your competitors are constantly busy but yet you struggle to get projects. (It’s not because they are better than you and you know it!)Schedule a consultation with me.

Price – I Need a Website For My XYZ Business. How Much Does it Cost?

When you ask the above question and you receive an answer prior to being asked counter qualifying questions from a web designer or agency you should get up and run as fast and as far as you can because you are without a doubt setting yourself up for failure if that deal ends up going through.

A web designer or agency simply can’t provide an accurate answer to this question without first asking some of their own qualifying questions to determine goals, features, services, and other important factors that go along with a designing a search engine friendly website that delivers unique content with value to your audience.

Website Design & Development | Our Process

Client discovery questionnaire

How Do We Get The Results Our Clients Want From Their Websites In Record-Breaking Times?

  • Keyword Research & Selection For Each Service Page
  • Competitor Research
  • Provide SEO Content Copy For Each Service Page
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Additional On-Page SEO Includes: Crafting Title Tags & Meta Descriptions For Each Individual Page
  • Integrate With Google Analytics
  • Integrate with Google Webmaster Tools

SEO Is the foundation of any web design project L.A. Marketing & Web Presence Consulting, LLC takes on for our clients.

Website Project Process L.A. Marketing & Web Presence Consulting, LLC.

  1. Client Discovery Meeting/Conference
  2. Keyword Research
  3. SERP Competition Research
  4. Content Creation
  5. Website Structure Plan/Skeleton
  6. Design
  7. Development
  8. Testing
  9. Analytics & Webmaster Integration
  10. Craft Page Title Tag & Description for Each Page
  11. Go Live

Other Necessary Website Investments To Consider.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Plan
  3. Updates & Maintenance